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Bootywoman #1 - Retail Edition

Bootywoman #1 - Retail Edition

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Bootywoman #1 - RETAIL EDITION

Introducing BOOTYWOMAN!  The superhero who fights for truth, justice and the afflicted ...from the powers that protrude from her posterior area.  Created and written by Bruce "85" Bowers and beautifully illustrated by Stephen "Dee Block" Dobbins Bootywoman is sure to raise eyebrows but eventually capture the heart of fans of mature humor around the globe.

SYNOPSIS:  In her dynamic debut, Bootywoman gets caught in the middle of Getto America's rogue mission to save his young and naive sidekick Thotty from certain doom.  Thotty has been kidnapped by the diabolical Doctor Dome and his partner, the uncivil Sylver Sybl and trapped her in Doctor Dome's main chamber of torture, the TerrorDome.  Can the two heroes get to her in time before she meets her demise?  If you enjoy mature humor like what's delivered by your favorite black stand up comic, don't miss this issue! 
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