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Bootywoman #2 Digital Edition

Bootywoman #2 Digital Edition

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 BOOTYWOMAN #2 Digital Edition

Introducing BOOTYWOMAN!  The superhero who fights for truth, justice and the afflicted ...from the powers that protrude from her posterior area.  Created and written by Bruce "85" Bowers and beautifully illustrated by Stephen "Dee Block" Dobbins Bootywoman is sure to raise eyebrows but eventually capture the heart of fans of mature humor around the globe.

SYNOPSIS:  This issue introduces new characters and an all new story that finds Bootywoman deadlocked in the midst of a love triangle.  Wonder Bra is on the hunt for the woman who has been cheating with her man, the overly powerful, overly entitled superhero Supermac.  Her first target of accusation, Thotty - the young sidekick of Getto America.  The result is a showdown between six heroes with the question in the balance...who indeed has been sleeping around with Wonder Bra's man?


Digital Download is in Hi-Res PDF format and can be read in any PDF or comic book reader app.

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